Your beauty and the value you bring to those who adore you is timeless

And it deserves to be captured on camera.

You spend most of your days caring for everyone else around you but not this time. This time, this day will be about you. 

Picture this (literally)...

Upon arrival to my studio you'll be greeted by your personal glam team of hair, makeup and wardrobe artists and stylists.

We'll get you all dolled up and ready to vogue it out in front of the camera

Once you're finished being catered to by your personal glam team you're ready for lights, camera, action! 

If you're camera shy, no worries.


One of the things my clients love is that I provide a safe environment for you to release any fears, insecurities and discomfort while guiding you through poses to bring out the confident, vibrant and charismatic you (even if you think she doesn't exist).

kw glitter background.png

Wondering what's included in your session? 

Keep reading beauty, this is so good!





  • Hair styling

  • Quality makeup by our professional makeup artists

  • Wardrobe consultation (In person or virtual)

  • 2 hour photoshoot

  • 3 wardrobe changes

  • 20-25 retouched photos will be prepared for you to review at your Reveal & Ordering Appointment

Your Beauty Session Investment:


I'm so excited to cater to you! Let's do this!


How can I support Shana's journey?

There are several ways to help Shana in her jouney to Miss Texas. 1. DONATE- Participating in the Miss Texas Compention is costly and any donation helps. All donations can be sent directly to Shana. Please email her at ssdukes.15@gmail for your choice of finiancial platform. 2. SHARE & FOLLOW- Shana is so excited to share her journey with everyone ! Follow her journey on Instagram @missjollyvilletx 3.IN- KIND DONATION & SPONSORSHIP- If social media isnt your thing or monetary compensation is out of your reach, You can sponsor dresses, workout room, gym memberships,etc. We are diverse and look forward to promoting all businesses on our platform. To learn more, send us a email !!! *If you’re looking for ways to get your business noticed, consider becoming a sponsor to our 501(c)3 organization. All tax deductible donations go directly to scholarship funds.​*

When is the Miss Texas Competition ?

Miss Texas Competition - June 20-26
Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts
2351 Performance Dr, Richardson, TX 75082

What is Shana's talent ?

Shana is performing an self-composed, spoken word piece entitled - "A Letter to My Girls"

What is Shana's favorite part of competition ?

"I'm most excited about the Social Impact Pitch during the competition. This area of the competition gives me the platform to talk about Women's Higher Education and my personal platform - The Queen's Corner.
The Queen's Corner is a mentoring group for high school senior girls who are going to college in the fall. As the world continues to diversify, it's important we continue to educate the women of the world. Women have changed the face of Medicine, Technology, Engineering, Education, and so many other areas.

As a professional woman myself, It's my honor to support the next generation of college-educated women !!"

Can Shana send an autograph card ?

Absolutely !! Please submit a form under contact us with your name & address !!!


Email and I'm happy to answer.


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