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When Sleeping Women Wake ...

"When sleeping women wake, mountains move." - Ancient proverb

This proverb has been a favorite of mine for many, many years. We celebrate the hashtags like #blackgirlmagic and the memes about how much impact women have when they unite. We know how much talent, creativity, and strength we possess - and we give it to others freely - but when it comes to ourselves and our own dreams, well, we just ... don't. Don't make moves. Don't take action. Don't truly believe we can do it. It's like we're asleep and not conscious of what we're truly capable of. 

This isn't one of those "New Year, New Me" posts. This is a post about why I started my business and what I'm excited to accomplish. You see, I was asleep for a long time. Far too long. Like most of us, I put myself on the back burner and played it safe. I liked to think of it as being smart, cautious, and safe but I was actually afraid. I never thought twice about working hard or if I'd succeed in any of the positions I've held as an employee, but, I was afraid to go into business for myself full time. I started my business on a part time basis and it took over 6 years to work up the courage to quit my job and follow my dreams. Thankfully, I "woke up" and nothing makes me happier than to use my gifts to help other women to do the same!

In my business, I get to meet some of the most fascinating women you can imagine. Women who are excited to celebrate milestones in business and in life. Women who have recently achieved something amazing and also those wanting a pick me up after life's disappointments. Women who have dreams and aspirations and sometimes need a little boost of confidence to help them get there. Women of all ages grace my lens and it's my honor to show them just how beautiful and capable they truly are. Business branding, author photos, portraits for media kits and other promotional use, cd/album covers, modeling headshots, glamour portraits for wall art and gifting, or sensual, classy boudoir images. You name it - if it involves a woman and helping her to celebrate herself and further her goals, I will photograph her. Beautifully. Stay tuned for many stories of women, just like you, who "wake up" for themselves and those they love.

What are your mountains? Whenever you're ready, I'd love to help you move them! 

Branding portrait of Divas 'N Heels co-owners Michelle Mayfield and Samantha Byrd. These two childhood friends "woke up" and opened the hottest dance fitness program for women in South Jersey! Check them out:

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