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Activating Faith to Live Your Dreams: Meet Sabine Hayes of Georgette Marise Interiors

Working full time as a NJ portrait and branding photographer allows me to meet and photograph some of the most fabulous women! About a year ago, I connected with a fabulous interior designer in Philly through social media.

Her name is Sabine Hayes and she's the beauty, talent, and owner behind the Philadelphia based, luxury design company, Georgette Marise Interiors. As part of my When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move project, Sabine participated in the following Q & A:

1. Describe the obstacles that used to hold you back (real or imagined).

    Fear. I am my worst critic. The stories I tell myself tend to hold me back from achieving my full potential.

2. What particular situation changed your thinking? In other words, what was your "aha moment"?

    Realizing that fear is a lack of faith. With a little faith, I don't have to know it all. I have the privilege of

    working with an array of talented artisans, painters, contractors, carpenters, graphic designers, and 

    photographers as a team to achieve the goal of a complete design.

3. Describe your work  and how you're working toward (and living) your dream.

    As an interior designer, my goal is to tell people's stories through the design of their spaces. My dream is to

    continue to create homes that reflect the personality of my clients. I hope to inspire others and let them 

    know that no matter what the size of their home, they have the ability to live in their best space.

4. What's the best piece of advice that you would offer to your younger self?

    I love this question because hindsight is 20/20. I would tell my younger self to not take time for granted. 

    Time never stops and what we do with it can make a world of difference. I would also tell my younger self 

    to take more risks even if it leads to failure. Failure is part of life and the lessons we learn from it are life-


5. How can others contact you and /or learn more about you?

    You can find me on Instagram & Facebook @georgettemarise or on my design blog                 for helpful solutions to everyday design dilemmas.

Here are a few more images from our recent photo session:

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